the artists secret

yeah we can all paint a pretty picture.

the artist’s secret, however; begins a long time before we ever touch the canvas or the paint. the artist immerses herself in life as a life choice, the artist lives amongst the energy of the stuff of life and doesn’t shirk away. sometimes the artist loses her focus in the real world because she is looking very closely at an issue that would never get the attention of others. the artist learns to give and hold attention.

think of the tip of the iceberg analogy. it fits here. the artist, swimming underneath the water, not only sees the remainder of the iceberg; but experiences it’s gargantuan weight, it’s glasslike shimmer, unnatural cold and the otherworldly silence down there. yep it’s a whole different world.

the artist has a hold on this territory. it is so beneficial to the soul, so alluring and endless, unlimited. you hardly ever find anyone that can, or anyone who is willing; to show you the way there. it’s hidden below the surface of life in the real world but we don’t acknowledge it being there. after all it is remarkable scary, resembling at times something like Pandora’s box, a can of worms or large sticky spider’s web on which we could get caught and never return.

the artist investigates what’s there, examines ands works it; then feeds it back. the artist goes in to places others refuse to go and pushes the boundaries. the artist searches for truth where you wouldn’t even dare to go. the artist gets to the bottom of the subject and then presents the evidence.

the artist’s secret is focus. the artist grabs a piece of the sticky spider’s web and follows it with intense focus. the artist mulls, ruminates and stews, all the while collecting bits and pieces that fit; considering every aspect of the subject with sustained intense focus. the artist marinates herself in the subject of her focused attention. when the artist is completely saturated by the subject the artist will naturally be creative.

research, revel in memory, doodle, daydream and muse. surround yourself with the aroma of the subject, the images, the sounds; voices or the words. be, feel and live your subject. sustained attention on a single subject starts the creative juice flowing, more ignites the creative fire.

coming from this place of focus on the subject the artist can create with full power having carefully examined the subject, gained insight; perhaps understanding. having dwelt on the essence of the subject the artist can express what she has perceived through her practice of sustained attention. the practised artist spends most of her time in focused attention knowing that when complete, the subject will naturally bear splendid creative fruit.

bravo to those who search the hidden depths of life for jewels, they are hard to find but valuable.